Browning High School Sportsplex

Browning, Montana


Athletics for the Browning High School


Set to kickoff in the fall of 2020, Woith Engineering, Inc. is proud to be a key player in the design of Browning High School’s new athletic complex. The complex will include an artificial turf football and softball field, all-weather running track, and track and field events. The design presented several unique challenges – mass earthwork, precision layout of facilities to ensure NFHS compliance, and unique storm drainage design for artificial turf fields.

Scope of Services - Our Role

Woith Engineering was responsible for the following:


  • Initial Site Planning and Evaluation

  • Accessible (ADA) Design of Parking Facilities

  • Non-motorized and Pedestrian Facilities

  • Grading and Drainage Design

  • Earthwork Quantity Calculation

  • Utility Service Design

  • Flood Control Facilities

    • Stormwater Conveyance​

    • Stormwater Detention

  • Athletic Facility Design

    • Artificial Turf Football Field​

    • All-weather Running Track

    • Artificial Turf Softball Field

    • Tennis Courts

    • Track and Field Event Facilities

  • Construction Administration and Inspection

  • Cost Estimation