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Healthcare & Education


Unique Philosophies. Efficient Solutions.


Woith Engineering has experience on the design teams of elementary, secondary, and special education facilities that reflect and foster the unique cultures and communities we serve throughout Montana. We understand that each community and school district has a unique philosophy and community approach to education, as well as specific educational needs. Our team works with districts and communities to bring a design that will meet these needs in a collaboration which will help them achieve their highest ambitions.

Shaping Healthcare Delivery.

In Montana, it’s critical to provide communities from large cities to rural villages with effective healthcare facilities unique to their community. That’s why we strive to understand our clients’ missions and then design with patient, family and staff experiences at the forefront of our minds. We work with healthcare architects to help clients imagine their vision for their facilities and turn them into realities. We have the expertise to assist healthcare architects plan comprehensive site solutions to reduce operating costs and dramatically improve health outcomes.

What We Provide Our Clients


We provide expertise in the following processes:


  • Site Planning and Evaluations

  • Representation at Public Hearings

  • Environmental and Community Impact Studies

  • Building and Environmental Permitting

  • Zoning Compliance

  • Accessible (ADA) Design

  • Non-motorized and Pedestrian Facilities

  • Parking Design

  • Grading and Drainage Design

  • Utility Design

  • Stormwater Treatment Facilities

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning

  • As-Builts and Construction Certification

  • Bidding and Contract Documentation

  • Construction Administration and Inspection

  • Cost Estimation

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