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Multi-Family Planning and Design


At Woith Engineering, we understand the unique challenges presented by multi-family residential development projects and have the experience to find solutions to the inevitable hurdles each project encounters. Multifamily residential development presents a full range of design elements - building siting, parking lot layouts, accessible design, stormwater facilities, and utility design. We handle the coordination of each aspect of the project to ensure its long-term success.

Building Effective Communities

Whatever your residential development goals are, we will work with you to ensure that they are met and exceeded, while providing the communities we live in with functional and safe designs fit to their needs. We can assist you in navigating the long list of approvals necessary to reach you desired land development goals. With offices in Missoula and Great Falls, and with projects extending all over the state of Montana, our staff has the in-depth knowledge of local, state, and federal regulations to get your project reviewed and approved fast.

What We Provide Our Clients

Woith Engineering has comprehensive experience in the following residential development processes:


  • Residential Site Planning and Evaluations

  • Rezoning and Annexation

  • Single-Family Major and Minor Subdivisions

  • Townhome Exemption Declaration (TED)

  • Planned Unit Developments

  • Mixed Use Developments

  • Master Planned Communities

  • Representation at Public Hearings

  • Environmental and Community Impact Studies

  • Building and Environmental Permitting

  • Zoning Compliance

  • Accessible (ADA) Design

  • Non-motorized and Pedestrian Facilities

  • Parking Design

  • Grading and Drainage Design

  • Utility Design

  • Stormwater Treatment Facilities

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning

  • As-Builts and Construction Certification

  • Bidding and Contract Documentation

  • Construction Administration and Inspection

  • Cost Estimation

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