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North 40 Outfitters

Great Falls, Montana


Retail for Northwest Great Falls


Serving northwest Great Falls with a large renovated retail space, North 40 Outfitters opened for business in the fall of 2019. Redevelopment of the existing retail site involved extensive coordination of new design to accomodate existing utilities, parking lots, traffic patterns, and adjacent businesses. The redevelopment included new water and sanitary sewer utilities, parking infrastructure, drainage infrastructure, and coordination of accesses from urban arterial streets. Additionally, access was maintained for large delivery trucks to access the loading dock.

Scope of Services - Our Role

Woith Engineering was responsible for the following:


  • Commercial Site Planning and Evaluation

  • Accessible (ADA) Design

  • Non-motorized and Pedestrian Facilities

  • Parking Design

  • Arterial Street Access Design

  • Grading and Drainage Design

  • MDT Approach Permitting

  • MDT Environmental Permitting

  • MDT Encroachment Permitting

  • Utility Design

  • Stormwater Treatment Facilities

  • As-Builts and Construction Certification

  • Bidding and Contract Documentation

  • Construction Administration and Inspection

  • Cost Estimation

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